Monday, December 20, 2010

TCP: Gas Fail

Well, at least that was educational. I had the gas company out today to reconnect. Progress, but not yet success. I have a spiffy new meter, and a nice seal on the gas company side. Turns out my gas plumbing leaks unacceptably, and I fail a pressure test. The two-step becomes a four-step -- the gas company hangs a new (shut-off) meter and hands me a truly glorious shut-off valve that my plumber will need to install on my side of the meter while he's repairing or replacing the gas lines to the boiler and water heater. Then I can have the gas company in to (mere formality) repeat the pressure test and turn on the gas. Then, finally, I can get the plumber back in to turn on the water and gas and fire the boiler and water heater.

It is a good thing to be informed that your gas piping is leaky before you fill it with gas. At the same time, we discovered that the flue for the water heater had been crammed in on top of the flue for the boiler, and that the connection is improper. At worst, we replace the hot water heater (ancient) with a new electric model and keep moving. At best, we install a reducing tee while replacing the boiler flue. In toto, it means I'll be lucky to get plumbers and gas people back in twice before the end of the year.

Temporary heaters will be installed as required. On to roofing contractors while also scheduling plumbing/heating contractors. So far, gas company seems to be next-business-day or thereabouts. Also, apparently, time to schedule the chimney guy, as there seems to be both serious cleaning and minor (at least) repair required.

The journey begins. Goal is heat on by end of month.

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