Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another outing in Cumberland real estate. This was a 3br/2ba bungalow on 1/2 acre. Looked promising from the outside. Inside requires replastering in almost every room, removal of center hall/stair remuddling, and repair of both major structural issues, and (intentionally) hidden water damage. Much made worse by attempts to repair on the cheap, and evidence that two new electrical panels had been installed rather than remediating the existing knob-and-tube wiring. The property wouldn't absorb the needed repairs. As a bonus, this one contained a grow-room in the basement. Small square footage, major issues that had been intentionally hidden, and major structural issues in addition to a 50% gut -- the property simply wouldn't absorb the cost of the needed renovations.

The other prospect had a nice 2 acre site, might make a nice expansion apiary, but the road is perilously thin, overpopulated by everything from shacks to mcmansions with pools, and the house is weird and trashed. Who puts a garage on the back side of a house without providing any access? Who stops reroofing (badly) in mid-course and leaves all the staging installed on the roof? Want a 1400 sq ft fire-damaged house with a garage where the family room should be, and in need or new roof, windows, doors, and siding? No, I didn't either.

Image withheld by request.