Sunday, November 21, 2010

alcoholic energy drinks

Lately, the government decided it should protect us by removing alcoholic energy drinks from the market, on the principle that regulating alcohol is one thing, regulating everything else is another, and that if you try to combine the two that the government is now stymied! As they have the right to regulate alcohol, and they have the right to regulate many other things, they have decided that if you combine alcohol with many other things, that's too complicated, and you must stop. Rather than set standards, they prohibit. The current crop of targeted substances combine legal amounts of alcohol from legally derived sources (regulated by the BATF) and legal amounts of stimulants generally regarded as safe (regulated by the FDA) and produce highly alcoholic energy drinks in (generally) 24 ounce cans.

Any bartender can make you a rum-and-coke of Irish Coffee. That they could serve you five of them in a row is uncontested. That you can put the equivalent in a can and make it economically attractive to college students is another, and the bureaucracy is taking action! America, stand up and claim obliteration as a right! Remember, heroin used to be legal. Marijuana used to be legal. Alcohol used to be legal, then it wasn't (hilarity ensued) and now it's sort of legal again. We now live in a society where alcohol and tobacco are legal, and all other intoxicants and euphoriants are not. But fear plague the industry that tries to get you as fucked up as possible within the limits of what the government has approved.