Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Cumberland Project (Update)

I finally have a closing date, December 17. Somewhat of a letdown after hoping for "before Thanksgiving" but at least it's "before Christmas." So no pictures yet.

Here's what we're talking about. It's a two-story brick town house in Cumberland, MD. 10+ rooms, just under 3000 sq ft. Ten foot ceilings on both floors. Hardwood floors throughout -- condition unknown, though being hidden under aging shag carpet is a poor omen. House was listed as being built in 1900, I'm thinking more like 1898 but I haven't found a cornerstone yet. It includes a partial garage.

About half of the rooms have one major plaster repair required. The pattern of water damage (around the perimeter and under the main roof valley) suggests replacing the roof and gutters is likely required. It does look like we'll get to visit the "worst case" of "let's install metal roofing in January" but hopefully the weather will be warmer and that won't be the expected nightmare. Once the roof is resealed and the gutters work, it's time to try out the heating system and fix a lot of plaster.

Hopefully, with a set date a week away, I can get the roofers scheduled for an inspect and estimate before Christmas. I'm hoping I can have the utilities restored before settlement.

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