Wednesday, March 23, 2005

U.S. Probes Sale of GM Corn: "The experimental seed, called Bt 10, distributed primarily in the United States by Swiss firm Syngenta, is not believed to pose a safety risk to humans or the environment, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. However, critics of genetically modified foods say the incident is a wake-up call to regulators who have not done enough to monitor the industry."

There are those who suggest that the GM seed companies want their seeds to get into the wild. In Canada, Monsanto has successfully sued farmers who never purchased their seeds, and who deny planting modified crops, when modified (and patented) stock was found in their fields. If enough wind-borne infiltration occurs, Monsanto would (legally) be able to compell all farmers to buy their seed.

There is nothing in this article to suggest that Syngenta did this intentionally, but the effects may be significant as some of the crop was exported to the EU, where political resistance to GM crops is rampant and at times extreme. That Syngenta is a Swiss firm (an EU member state) will probably not matter...

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