Thursday, March 24, 2005

City toilets rise to the occasion: "Futuristic toilets which rise out of the ground could be used to tackle the problem of men urinating in the street."

Leave it to the BBC to make this story boring. Thankfully, when that happens, there's always The Register to turn to. According to El Reg: "Unless you live in Aberdeen, in which case we advise you to take your chances indoors. The reason? Battalions of remote-controlled stealth cyberloos disguised as manhole covers but capable of rising from the pavement in seconds and devouring up to three urinating Scotsmen in one vicious attack.

"We kid you not. Aberdeen City Council is considering installing two 6ft "Urilift" retractable cubicles in response to a reported lack of late-night toilet facilities. Naturally, it's not enough to knock up a traditional, brick-built Caledonian crapper. Nope, what Aberdeen needs a is hydraulically-powered cyberbog operated by "council employees" from a remote command centre."

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