Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Spicy jambalaya leads to lawsuit: "In the second such complaint lodged against the restaurant, the mother and daughter filed a civil lawsuit Monday in federal court, naming the restaurant, a manager and an officer with the Merrionette Park Police Department as defendants. The suit charges that the plaintiffs were falsely arrested, wrongfully detained and their civil rights were violated. "

The first suit was from a customer who received potatoes on the side instead of a potato-crusted fish, and refused to pay when they wouldn't give her a new fish, just the old one newly potato-crusted. This suit is from two women who asked for Jambalaya spicy and couldn't handle it. They should have had a clue -- the restaurant is named "115 Bourbon Street." They may not know about spicy food in Chicago, but they live and breathe it in New Orleans.

The real question is whether you're obligated to pay for a meal that doesn't meet your expectations. The unstated question is why a restaurant is so unwilling to write off a meal here and there to keep their name out of the paper for silliness like this.

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