Tuesday, June 22, 2004

At graduation, parents get a dressing down: "Generating boos and red faces, a speaker from an American Legion post lashed out at parents for how they were dressed yesterday during a fifth-grade graduation ceremony at PS 8 in Great Kills.

"After presenting two students with awards for patriotism and citizenship, Harry Krone of the Watkins-Kellett Post said, 'This is a special day for your children. This isn't a bowling alley or a supermarket.' "
"If they see their parents dress up for an important meeting or function, and yet they don't dress up for their graduation, they will assume that it really isn't that important," he said. "It's about the occasion and the respect that the children deserve."

Ahem. Point taken, but this is a fifth-grade graduation ceremony. It really isn't that important. They'll be back next year, in the sixth grade, in the same building. It used to be that you "graduated" when you completed school. This is one of those politically-correct gimmicks used to make every child feel special. Wear what you want.

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