Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Goth grant runs course: "Two years ago, Blue Springs got word the Youth Outreach Unit received $273,000 to 'combat' the Goth culture, and emotions flew. Blue Springs received national attention, and local youth who dressed in Goth-like clothing worried about being singled out.

"But plans for the grant never unfolded, and Blue Springs has returned $132,000 of the money unused. Officials concede today they never found much of a 'problem' at all associated with the Goth culture, and instead have developed a new understanding and acceptance."

In unrelated news, the bill to criminalize low-rider jeans also failed. Kids have to do things that piss off their parents, why should we make every passing fad illegal? At least these people did some rational things -- their Youth Outreach Unit actually seems to have reached out to youth, and the money that was spent was spent on developing understanding, tolerance, and acceptance.

There is also the predictable lack of understanding of how federal grants work. One set thinks the money could have been better used for other things (though of course expressely prohibited), while another set objects to giving back money when spending it would have been silly at best. The question isn't what the money could be used for, but whether it's defined purposed has merit. No merit, nothing to see, keep moving.

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