Sunday, August 21, 2011

On the gender identity of deities...

As I was indoctrinated, God (infer Yahweh) was a mean old white guy with a beard. His Son (another white guy) also had a beard quite often, it seemed. Though it would have rounded out the trinity, the Holy Ghost was never depicted, though I do not believe that depiction is scripturally prohibited. One has to suspect he's bearded. And white.

To me, thinking "out of the box," it always seemed that if there was a god, I'd be more inclined to wish for a goddess. The feminine aspects of deity were more attractive to me -- love, compassion, tolerance -- than the masculine aspects -- dominance, aggression, dogma. When I saw Star Trek, and realized that women came in many colors, I began to imagine my goddess in shades of blue.

So, while I've been more exposed to religions with a dominant male deity, I've been more interested in religions with female deities. Which most often rears its head in conflict with the Christian "no other gods before me" because (in my limited experience) feminine deities are most often encountered within a pantheon.

In your studies, what religions have you encountered that placed a feminine diety as the only, or dominant deity within a belief system. If it involves a blue goddess squatting on a pyramid, that's fine, too.

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  1. Mary Magdeline religion, Wiccans of many varieties also deify the feminine. Earth Mothers, rainbow children...