Wednesday, April 27, 2011

almost done with contractors

The main roof has been repaired, patched, and resurfaced. The kitchen roof has been replaced. All the old gutters and downspouts have been replaced. The damaged soffits, fascia, and trim have been repaired and repainted. As soon as they finish the last roof section in back, that's about it for the roofers.

Plumbers finished their callbacks today. Hot water heater has a new gas valve, igniter, and sensor. The two "radiators" have been replaced by actual cast iron radiators. The "radiators" weighed about 10 lbs each, while their replacements are 180 lbs and 240 lbs, respectively. 20x underkill yielded cold atrium and kitchen, even with the heat on.

The second floor air handler has been removed. In pieces. As soon as they started taking it apart, it started to slide off the roof. It had never actually been attached to anything except the (eaten away by vermin) fiberglass ducts. As a bonus, we tested the first floor air handler, and found that it needed absolutely no maintenance except a new air filter, and works astonishingly well.

The gas fireplace has been demoted to artifact, although a beautiful one. Saves lining the chimney and refurbishing the burner. The plumber says they can't legally hook it up unless/until it's been upgraded/modified to current standards, and my first and second string people either stopped returning my calls  or started backpedaling after I explained what I wanted. So it's an artifact which can be restored later.

The heat is on and working. First floor AC (surprise!) is on and working. Hot water is on and working, as is cold water. Washer and dryer are installed and operating. The next steps are to complete demolition and cleanout, and move on to plaster repair and refinishing. That's my plan for May (and maybe June.)

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