Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Man injured in domestic fight with wife: He rejected her advances before going fishing: "Richard Brown reported his wife told him that she did not want to go fishing. She allegedly proceeded to pick up a large wine glass and throw it at her husband. The glass broke and cut him behind the left leg, stated Officer Kevin Dunn in the report.

"Misty Brown allegedly picked up a broken piece of glass and threw it at her husband, according to the report. The glass cut her husband's arm. He told officers he fell to the floor bleeding and in pain and begging for his wife to help him."

So, your wife throws a wine glass at you and misses, then throws one of the pieces at you and hits you in the arm. Somehow, he ends up on the floor begging for help. Bullshit. I'm not saying those things didn't happen, but it is wildly improbable that those actions resulted in injuries requiring police, hospitals, and arrest warrants. What really happened?

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