Monday, February 07, 2005

Customer banished after hurling Egg McMuffin: "Ottawa County sheriff's Deputy Brent Converse, who handled the call, said the man let frustration get the better of him. 'He returned the sandwich, but not the way he should have,' he said."

The agreed-upon facts are that he was not happy with his order, and returned it in an inappropriate manner.

I have questions. If you can be charged with assault for throwing your sandwich at its maker, doesn't that say as much about the sandwich and its maker as about the thrower? What some used to consider a proper motivation for service excellence, others now consider a matter for law enforcement. Isn't any damage done by (alledgedly cold) egg in your hair far smaller than the damage of publicizing that your restaurant's service drives people to such acts?

My advice? Eat the sandwich, puke on their counter. I have yet to see a successful prosecution of a food-rage incident involving the regurgitation of the food item in question.

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