Thursday, December 16, 2004

Roger, 933 is clear for landing: "Not too many people know Craig Miers, of Windham, N.H., but he became an instant hero here Tuesday afternoon. Miers, 25, did what most pilots hope they never have to do: make an emergency landing in a bustling commercial area at lunchtime.

'He told me he got it over an intersection and dove it under some power lines,' Miers' father, Stephen Miers, of New Hampshire, said in a telephone interview. The 'intersection' turned out to be the northbound lane of Indiana 933, just a few feet from a Howard Johnson Inn's entrance and directly across the street from the Heaven & Earth shop, where a sign out front urges visitors to 'come in be inspired.'"

You hope you never have to do this. You hope that if you ever do, you manage to pull it off this well. The pilot clipped a wing, and cut a power line. Safe landing on a busy street at lunchtime. Damn.

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