Tuesday, October 05, 2004

White Castle lawsuit has familiar ring: "If you thought White Castle's Slyders are tough on your body, wait till you try the onion rings, according to a lawsuit that calls the rings 'unreasonably dangerous.'

Michael Strauss, of Chicago, filed suit on Wednesday against the burger company, alleging he suffered 'great pain and anguish in mind and body' when he bit into an onion ring two years ago and 'scalding hot grease splattered out and onto' his arm, 'scalding and severely burning him.'

Strauss wants more than $50,000 for the 'severe and permanent injuries' he suffered after ordering White Castle 'onion rings that were in an unreasonably dangerous and defective condition.'"

I've never understood why people order things that have been boiled or deep-fried and expect them not to be hot. Whether oil or water, boiling is hot, and is cause for careful handling, not lawsuits. "Welcome to SafetyBurger, where all food is served at room temperature."

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